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What I've been reading & watching

added 28 april 2019
short film

BOOKSTORES: How to Read More Books in the Golden Age of Content, by Max Joseph
This was timely and incredibly insightful. A must watch for anyone who wants to read more (or anyone that likes seeing beautiful bookstores).

added 26 april 2019

DUMBO SLAPS, by Jenny Nicholson
This review made me smile. I've always been wary of the live action Disney remakes but if they have to exist so I can get videos like this, then so be it.

added 23 april 2019
the baffler

404 Page Not Found, by Kate Wagner
An interesting look into the corrosion of internet culture. Especially how the internet has become more homogenized as a result of the shift from a more personal to commercial internet.

added 4 march 2019
book, fiction

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, by Hank Green
I recently finished reading this, and I have to say I am in love. The way Hank Green writes is weird yet refreshing. Also I’m pretty sure it’s the first time ever a cis man has actually written queer women accurately.

added 4 march 2019
video short

One Million Rosebuds Body Paint, by Arden Rose
Four years later and this video still makes me happy. It’s a beautiful lens into one of many communities on the internet and their collective love and humanity.

added 4 march 2019

Making Sense with Sam Harris #146 — Digital Capitalism
Sam Harris and Douglas Rushkoff talks about the state of digital economy and how humanity fits in. An interesting look at the alternatives to a capitalist internet.

added 4 march 2019
video essay

Double Standards and Diverse Media, by Sarah Z
An interesting look at how marginalized people are disproportionately hit by cancel culture because of a mixture of social biases and a general lack of cultural and financial capital.

added 4 march 2019
new york times

Looking Out The Window, by Sam Anderson
An oldie but a goldie. It looks at windows as randomly placed frames that separate us from the outside world. The frame’s contents are constantly changing, yet we have no influence over them.